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WISE Twin Cities College Series | The Power of Networking & Your Career Path

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Time: 5:00 p.m. ­– 6:00 p.m.
Location: Virtual Zoom Discussion

WISE Twin Cities hosted a panel discussion where board members spoke on the power of expanding your network and how those connections are integral to your career journey and success. The three panelists shared personal anecdotes and explained how these experiences have shaped their character and placed them on the path they follow today.

  • 5:00 p.m. – Welcome & Panel Discussion, Q&A
    • Moderated by:
      • Sarah Denn, St. Thomas University
    • Featuring distinguished panelists:
      • Kara Kawakami, Minnesota United FC
      • Kathleen Coyle, Minnesota Vikings
      • Kristin Gow, Sportradar


  • Networking Myths
    • Myth: You have to be outgoing.
      • Kathleen says: It can feel awkward to put yourself out there. A great starter is saying hi, saying your name, asking their name and what brought them to this event.
    • Myth: You have to ask for something.
      • Kara says: I discourage the idea of asking for something. You don’t have to ask for something right away. Work on building the relationship first. Have the right mentality and focus when you’re meeting someone new versus seeking something.
    • Myth: You’re not networking if you’re not fully connecting with someone face to face.
      • Kristin says: Video calls, especially during this time, also put a face to a name. Hearing someone’s voice can go a long way.
    • People remember good connections and authenticity. Trust your gut. There’re people who surround you that can bring you opportunities, always be your authentic self and people will respect and honor that.
    • We’re told it’s about who you know, but it’s actually about who knows you, who knows your work and who can speak on your behalf. Trust and respect go a long way.
    • Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Part of Kara’s journey was deciding to step into a role that started her career over, but she had the courage to say it’s okay because the journey isn’t always linear. Altering what you think your perfect career journey is powerful.
    • You never know where you’re going to learn your networking skills from. Kristin learned her skills by talking to people in different environments through balancing three internships at a time. This took away the intimidating factor of conversation and networking. She found the confidence to sell herself through the hustle factor and saw truly the hustle you have to have to open doors for yourself.
    • Networking as collaboration is powerful. Kathleen has leaned in on her network during these unprecedented times. We are all here for one another and to here to help each other. Your network is your personal board of directors.


Click here to watch the replay of the panel and discussion.